Jim Bagnola, Austin,Texas, leadership consultant and author of Becom- ing a Professional Human Being.


“In my work, I travel all over the world, so jet lag is always an issue. In my experience, going barefoot and sleep- ing grounded are the fastest ways to realign to a far-flung time zone.I also sleep more soundly, with more lucid dreaming, and feel stronger physically.

“In the past I have tried all kinds of treatments, remedies, and gadgets to counteract jet lag. Walking on grass and sleeping grounded works for me the most effectively. After returning home to Texas from a recent trip to France, England,and Romania,I recovered within a couple of days. It would otherwise take me a week after an extended trip like that.

“When I arrive at foreign destinations and check into my hotel, I walk barefoot on grass wherever I can find it. This has been a hilarious experi- ence at times. I travel to Romania quite a bit, and in downtown Bucharest I take advantage of a good patch of grass in front of the National Theatre, next door to the Intercontinental Hotel. As I do my twenty minutes of barefoot walking there, people will often stop and watch me circling the grassy area in my bare feet. Some ask what I am doing. I attempt to tell them about grounding and jet lag, and they look at me as if I am crazy. Many cannot speak English so it makes the situation rather humorous. I did get a bee sting once so I have to be careful where I walk. But other- wise it works great.”

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