Gail Le Pine, South Hadley, Massachusetts, dental hygienist:“I fell of my horse many years ago and injured my coccyx. Working as a hygienist.whether I was sitting or standing, was causing a good deal of lower back pain. Just picture the position a hygienist is in for eight plus hours a day and you can well imagine the toll it takes on one’s body.“I read about Earthing in mid-2010 and started going barefoot as soon as I could. I went out in my yard, stacked wood, and did yard work. That evening, I laid down on my lawn listening to classical music for almost an hour before going to bed. I had the best night’s sleep in a long time. The hip and back pain that usually would wake me up during the middle of the night was gone. I had tried chiropractic treatments and yoga. Nothing really seemed to work until I began Earthing.“I routinely go barefoot during the warmer months and also sleep grounded. And, gratefully, as long as I continue with my Earthing routine, I am able to stay pain free, When I don’t Earth regularly, the pain returns. It’s an old injury and it will always haunt me.

Sara Damskier, Brovst, Denmark, retired adult education director: “I suffered a back injury more than fifty years ago (diagnosed as progressive spondylolisthesis of the fifth lumbar vertebra). As I’ve gotten older, it has caused me increasing pain and inconvenience. Lying in bed for any length of time has been the worst of all. I have had to curl up in bed in order to press that misplaced vertebra away from the nerves that it irritates. If, for example, I would lie on my back and read in bed for just twenty minute sit would be enormously difficult and very painful to turn over onto my side. This was also true when changing positions in the middle of the night In both cases it would be necessary for me to lift my hips with my hands and in that manner, bit by bit, turn my body to the opposite side.“A dramatic change occurred the very first night I slept grounded on an Earthing sheet in 2012. I was able to turn over during the night with no difficulty. The first morning I woke up lying flat on my back without pain! This was not possible before! Now I wake up in different positions,and, most important, without pain. This holds true with regard to the first movement of the morning–reaching down to put on my slippers No pain and none of the old stiffness. It is simply fantastic!“A year later, I continue to enjoy the relief gained from this great remedy. If I vacation away from the house where I can’t get access to the Earth,the old strain and pain will start coming back. It does not, however, reappear in its most severe form right away. So it’s short vacations for me and back to full protection.

Jim Bellacera, Sacramento, California, business motivational speaker:“Ten years ago, I first heard about sleeping grounded. I thought I would be a great test case because for more than two decades I had had chronic pain from my earlier construction and cabinetmaking days. My pain problems started at around age twenty-six, I had back pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel pain. During one job, I jumped off a trailer while carrying a cabinet, and I crushed my back. That act alone caused endless pain.

“Nothing I ever did ever seemed to help, from seeing doctors and get-ting regular back treatments to taking 800 milligrams of ibuprofen two or three times a day and sometimes other anti-inflammatories as well.

“And, son of a gun, I woke up in disbelief the morning after the first night I slept grounded. No, this can’t be,’I said. My back doesn’t hurt.’

“Not only didn’t it hurt, but after a day or two, I didn’t have to reach for my daily dose of ibuprofen horse pills.

“Getting up in the mornings had been a challenge. I would roll out of bed, use my arms, and do kind of a push-up with my feet touching the ground so I could stand straight up without bending my back. That changed right away with Earthing. I was able to get out of bed with no pain. Today, I don’t have pain in the back, neck, or wrists. It’s been an absolute blessing”.

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