Minja Karvinen, Orimattila, Finland, counselor for the disabled:“I suf- fer from Modic type 1*changes, which started in 2002, and led to degen- eration in six intervertebral discs, and a state of constant inflammation. Extra liquid built up in my lower back, pressing on nerves so badly that my legs didn’t function. I spent six years in a wheelchair and had to take strong painkillers (up to twenty-one tablets each day). In the summer of2009,I forced myself to get out of the wheelchair and practiced walking behind the lawnmower.The pain remained,however, and I could never be sure whether or not my legs would work.Using a back support, I was able to walk a little, but every winter the inflammation got worse and my ability to move decreased.I tried acupuncture,osteopathy, chiropractic, and nothing worked.

“I desired to get back into the working life and I did everything I could to not let the pain stop me. I studied for a new profession, and got a job in the field I love. The only question was, would my back last? The work is quite hard physically, sometimes I have to lift a lot of things. Every day at work I had to wear an iron back support in order to be able to do my job.

“Thanks to my employer,I learned about grounding.I obtained an Earthing mat in November 2012, which I used under my back every night, An unbelievably fast healing process began. In February 2013, new MRI pictures of my back showed all inflammation was gone! The pains disap- peared and most important, I went the whole winter without using the wheelchair. I walked the whole winter! After January 2013,I didn’t need the back support at work or during my free time. I was able to go to the gym, go swimming, and fishing. I still have the condition but no pain.

“In addition to my back, I also have another condition that has both- ered me since I was a baby.It is called Banti’s disease. When I was a child, blood didn’t circulate between my liver and spleen properly and blood would come out of my mouth. Every two years, I have to have a gas- troscopy to check my esophagus and stomach to see if the varices (abnor mal, enlarged veins) in my esophagus show any weakening or bleeding. At the end of November 2012, I had this procedure done and the varices had disappeared. The doctor couldn’t believe how it was possible, as I had had the varices for thirty-nine years. Unbelievable but true!”

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