Conditions Often Heal That Typically Never Get Better

Wendy Menigoz, D.N., Bourbonnais, Illinois, neuromyologist and pain specialist: “When I first heard about Earthing several years ago, I immediately got my husband grounded. He was suffering dreadfully from severe leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that can lead to deach. He had lost considerable weight, his kidneys were failing, and his blood pressure was highly elevated. He had hardly slept in three weeks. The doctors told me they had done everything in their power and didn’t think he would survive.

“As soon as he was grounded, he fell asleep deeply. When he awoke, he got up with energy that I hadn’t seen in months. he continued sleeping well and gradually got his strength and weight back. His health dramatically improved and his doctors were dumbfounded.

My husband’s healing experience inspired me to introduce Earthing to my patients. The results have been remarkable. I’ve repeatedly seen conditions healed or improved that typically never get better, or that are typically treated with medication simply to manage the symptoms.

“Patients have told me that headaches have disappeared or dramatically lessened in intensity. Several women with multiple sclerosis have had remarkable remissions. One of them is a woman whose developmentally disabled daughter also benefitted with major relief of arthritic ankles.

Patients with sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and various kinds of diabetic neuropathy have also benefitted. They take much less pain medication. They feel better and they are happier.

“One man had been scheduled for double knee-replacement surgery.

His pain level dropped so much in a short period of time that the operation was put on hold. He’s out biking and exercising. He couldn’t do that


“I told a friend about Earthing whose husband is a veterinarian with chronic hip pain. She brought him a grounding mat and he said he would use the silly thing to humor her. He put it in his bed. The next morning he woke up without pain. The pain is still gone two years later!

“I’ve seen many cases of improved blood pressure. A few male patients mentioned improvement of erectile dysfunction, which I assume is a result of better circulation.

“Some patients, after experiencing significant benefits from Earthing, have asked me, ‘How long do I have to do this?’ I laugh, and answer that for as long as they want to feel better.”

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