Speeds Pain Relief, Bolsters Bodywork

Many bodyworkers have told us that sleeping and working grounded made a big difference in their energy level and endurance, and that it clients feel the difference as well.

Tina Michaud-Gray, R.N., L.M.T., Dover, New Hampshire, pain specialist: “I’ve worked for twenty years with soft tissue injury, and acute and

chronic pain. My focus is reestablishing pain-free range of motion, muscular flexibility, and strength after injury or surgery. Doctors are surprised at the rate of healing, restored function, and tissue repair when I use one or a combination of the technologies. All of them on their own can create a higher level of repair and healing, and Earthing is one of the best tools I have. As an example, we treated a sixty-six-year-old woman who had a facelift. She was off pain medication in thirty-six hours and experienced accelerated healing so that a week later there was no sign of surgical bruising.

“Ever since I started sleeping and working grounded more than ten years ago, everything changed for me. I put an Earthing mat under my massage table that allows me to double the amount of massages I can do without wearing myself out. Before Earthing I was doing five to six hour massages a day, but I was exhausted afterward, sometimes so much so that I could hardly grip the steering wheel of my car on the drive home. The day after I started Earthing I did eleven massages. I routinely have days of eight or nine without my hands burning out as before and without having to recover afterward. I have plenty of energy.

“In my bodywork practice, I have also developed a technique using Earthing patches to dissolve knots and trigger points that allows me to do many things at once, from antiaging facials to pain relief.”

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