Relief from Burns

Over the years we have observed that Earthing rapidly reduces the pain and aftereffects of burns. In the following story, Earthing mats were applied directly to burn sites. Earthing patches can also be applied adjacent to a burn.

Louis Gordon, B.Ac., Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, acupuncturist:

“Over the years I have seen and treated many serious burns. I am aware that if cold water is applied immediately for about thirty minutes, the damage from severe deep burns can be reduced. Applying copious amounts of fresh aloe vera to burns is also beneficial. From my personal experience, however, blisters still form and last for many days to weeks, and redness persists for many days as well.

“While cooking a meal for friends in 2012, I suffered sever burns to my right hand, face, ear, and back of the head from boiling fat. As son IY overcame the shock from the accident, I bathed the burned areas with cold water for about a half hour and then squeezed aloe vera sap onto my damaged skin. Blisters were already forming.

* I now pulled out two Earthing mats. I placed one around my hand and wrist, covering the burn areas. I pressed the other against the affected areas on my ear and head. I felt a very strong tingling sensation on the burn sites.

*I sat down and tried to relax for a while. My wife checked in on me about twenty minutes later. I took off the mats. We were both stunned, as were our dinner guests. The redness was nearly gone! The blisters had essentially retracted and were also nearly gone.

“During the meal, I kept rotating a pad from one site to the other. After the meal, we retired early. I told my wife I would probably have to cancel patients for a few days because the burns on my fingers were exactly where I insert acupuncture needles.

“I slept grounded and slept soundly. In the morning, to my amazement, there was absolutely no redness and the blisters were nonexistent, I went to work and it was business as usual. It may be a good idea for every first aid kit to contain an Earthing mat of some size.

“I have been an acupuncturist for more than thirty years and each month insert over 3,000 acupuncture needles. As a result of this activity, I developed a repetitive strain injury in my right shoulder. The pain was about 4 out of 10 most of the time, (10 being extremely painful).

At the close of my workday, the pain would rise to a 7-8 level, with the rhomboid muscle starting to spasm. After five weeks of Earthing (using a mat daily when at the computer and while watching television, and sleeping grounded nightly), the shoulder pain dropped to about a 1-2 level generally and at the end of the day never above 4. In addition, my sleep is serene.

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