Over the years many people have told us ha Earthing helps refue orDliminate symptoms of common allergies, Here’s another example:

Cynthia Fertal, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, hypnotherapist: “T have had numerous cats in my house through the years. They literally found me and being the animal lover that I am, they were always welcome me.though I am allergic to them. I can be in the same room with them for just a short period of time, and then I would develop sneering along with red, itchy, and watery eyes.

“Since sleeping grounded in the latter part of2012, 1 have no longer reacted . . . and that happened practically overnight. I have challenged myself by rubbing my face in my cat’s fur. And no reaction!

When out grocery shopping, I used to avoid the laundry detergent aisle at all costs. The smells would assault my senses and I would immediately start to sneeze. If I didn’t walk away, my eyes would start to water and my throat felt scratchy. So needless to say, I stayed away from there and ordered my hypoallergenic detergent online. I can’t say [ enjoy the fragrances of laundry detergents in the stores, but I no longer need to shy away from those aisles. I can now walk through without any ill effects.All these sensitivity/allergy issues disappeared in an extremely short time.

“Moreover, my husband and I are both sleeping better since we started Earthing. My husband frequently used to get up three, four, and even five times during the night to use the bathroom. He now usually sleeps through the night.

“I’ve also had a major decrease in the frequency of headaches, plus significant improvement in the arthritic pain and swelling of my fingers. I can now make a fist without pain. And if I develop some stiffness in the knees, a night’s sleep on the sheet, enables me to get out of bed with a spring in my step. It’s nice feeling thirty years younger!I am now quite addicted to feeling good.”

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