David Gersten, M.D., Encinitas, California, practitioner of nutritionalmedicine and integrative psychiatry: “A few years ago, I developed what I called a cause and effect’ health map that plots out why people get sick with chronic In all chronic illness and stay sick.

“Besides the changes in me, I have seen and heard pretty amazing things when other people are grounded. One woman who came to one of my health seminars was in obvious pain. She was sitting in the front row, and I could see her discomfort written on her face. I went over and asked her about it. She said she suffered with back pain for twenty years. I had grounding pad with me. I connected it into a wall outlet and she put it inside her blouse against her back. An hour and twenty minutes later, when I finished my talk, her face had totally changed. She couldn’t believe what had happened. She said her pain was gone. I was shocked. Everybody in the room was shocked.

“Pretty much everybody who sleeps grounded says they sleep better.One interesting feedback I’ve gotten from a number of people is that they feel different when they work grounded at their computers. They describe the feeling with words like comfort,’security,’and ‘safety.’ A few of them have said they actually don’t like working at a computer anymore unless they are grounded.

In my work as a health educator and speaker, I focus on what’s natural, good for healing, and good for people in general. I’m also very much attuned to what is the least amount of work that somebody can do and get the most benefits. That’s a number one consideration for me because in the health world people want to get the most benefits for the least amount of work. Well, it became clear to me after about a month of Earthing that this was it. Earthing gives you the most benefits for the least amount of work of anything I’ve ever seen. There is no work!”

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