David Wolfe, San Diego, speaker and author on healthy lifestyle:“Personally, I’ve seen three surprising changes after I started Earthing six years ago. The first was the disappearance of a stubborn remnant of an infection–likely one of those antibiotic-resistant staph infections. I developed the infection on my big toe about eight years ago and battled it for a couple of years, down to one lump that looked like scar tissue.Occasionally, it would bother me. I used all the healing tools at my disposal and even asked for help from some health professionals I know.But I couldn’t eliminate it. Then I started using a grounded floor pad as I worked on my computer or on the telephone. Within two days, the lump was gone. Like magic.

“Similarly, I had a very sensitive tooth for about thirty years. I had cracked it at age fourteen. The tooth was sensitive to cold water and any kind of sugar or sweetener. If I chewed down on a small, hard object like a seed and it pressed against the tooth, there would be a jolt of pain. After a few months of Earthing, I noticed the sensitivity disappeared.“The biggest change health wise has been with my allergies. As a kid,they were completely disruptive. I was extremely sensitive to cats and pollen, especially ragweed. Exposure could incapacitate me for two or three days. In pollen season, my lungs would fill with mucus and fluid. I would get intense itchiness in my eyes, ears, and back of the throat. My eyes would tear. The allergies have gotten better over the years as I have improved my nutrition. But Earthing has been like the coup de grace. I’ve gone through two pollen allergy seasons now without any problem. No symptoms. If I go into a house now where a cat resides, I am good for about an hour. Before I couldn’t even go into the house.

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