“I Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Without My Sheets”

Another Earthing ambassador is Donna Tisdale, a top Nashville real estate broker.“Where do I start?”she said when asked about her Earthing experience.“Let me start with allergies. I have been plagued with miserable seasonal allergies all my life. As a real estate professional, I’d be out showing property, and I would sneeze maybe ten or fifteen times in a row. I would laugh and tell my clients I’m allergic to the months of May and September. I would buy a giant-sized box of allergy medicine and take it for those entire months. Well, it’s been five years now, and the Mays and Septembers have come and gone, and I haven’t had to take a single pill in all this time. And I no longer have hidden inflammation in my sinus cavity that reacts to the nasty pollen. So no allergic reactions at all! I’ve sneezed may be a few times and that’s it. I have not gotten up one single solitary time in the middle of the night to clear my sinuses so I could breathe and sleep!

This has been unbelievable.

“For almost twenty years, I had a weird autoimmune skin disease called granuloma annulare. It produced unsightly breakouts on my legs, arms and trunk. Now it’s almost completely gone on my arms, and almost completely gone on my legs. It’s amazing. I’ve been to dermatologists all over the place, and nobody has a cure for it or knows what causes it.

“My ninety-two-year-old mother was incontinent for twenty years.She had bladder surgery, and it didn’t work. So she would use fifteen to twenty pads a day. She came to visit for a month about six weeks after she started to sleep grounded. She was using maybe one or two pads a day.I think it’s the sheets,’she said. She was right. The sheets enabled her to regain control.

“She also had shoulder pain for three years from an injury and could not raise her right hand over her shoulder. One day during her visit I saw her combing her hair with her right hand. I asked her about it. She said,My shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore. I think it’s the sheets.

“Prior to Earthing, the doctors were telling my husband, Bill, that he would need knee replacement surgery. They were giving him injections into the knee for the pain. Then we started Earthing and he was soon able to stop the injections. A year later, in 2009, he was up and dancing at a family wedding.We hadn’t danced together for years because of his knees.His knees are seventy-plus years but they have been doing great since grounding. He hasn’t needed the surgery. Previously, he also suffered with plantar fasciitis, and now that’s gone, too.

“One of my sisters had that as well. I got her to start Earthing and she got relief as well. Another sister with aggressive rheumatoid arthritis was also helped. A dear friend with Lyme disease experienced as many as fifteen migraines a month. After starting Earthing, she had only one or two a month.

“From the start, we slept much better on the grounded sheets. Bill stopped getting up three times at night like he used to do. A few weeks after we started sleeping grounded, we headed off on a weekend trip out-of-state to visit family. I wanted to take the sheets. Bill didn’t. I gave in.Well, he flipped and he flopped at night. He was up. He was down. He didn’t sleep well. So when we went to Austin to see the grandchildren for Christmas, guess what? We took the sheets! We slept well. Now we don’t go anywhere without them.”

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