“I was curious. I asked where she went on vacation. She and her boyfriend had rented a cottage on the beach in Baja California. For most of the month she never wore shoes. She walked on the sand. She went swimming and snorkeling.

“That’s the whole point,’I told her. You were grounding yourself everyday. Walking barefoot on the Earth. Swimming in saltwater. That’s super grounding. There is nothing magical about the grounded sheet or connected to a wall plug or ground rod. It is all about reconnecting to the Earth one way or another. You get the same effect barefoot on the beach or in the park or your backyard garden or sleeping on a grounded sheet.The more hours, the better.

“She then wanted to know if Earthing might help her mother who had painful rheumatoid arthritis, particularly in the knees. Her mother took two Advils every morning and then would wait an hour or so until they went to work in her body before finally getting out of bed. Otherwise her legs hurt too much.

“I heard back that after a couple of days of sleeping grounded, her mother wasn’t taking the pills anymore. She was getting up in the morning without pain, and needless to say was very happy about it. Now, her husband, who was my friend, is a medical professional and a real skeptic.147He was observing all this and seeing how it had helped his wife and daughter. He was very surprised about their improvement and then reluctantly told me his own story. He had had a bad left shoulder for years and because of the pain only slept on his right side. After sleeping for a while on the grounded sheet that his wife had put on the bed, he noticed that he was now sleeping on his left side without any pain.

“Then there’s the story of an acupuncturist in town. One day, she and I were talking. She said she hadn’t been riding her bicycle lately because of pain in one foot. She had treated herself but hadn’t gotten any relief. So I gave her some electrode patches with a ground connection and said to give it a try. The following day she called all excited. She couldn’t believe it. Her pain was gone. So she then invited some of her patients to sit grounded for a half hour with an electrode patch attached to wherever they had pain.She wasn’t charging them for it. The women were coming in three times a week, sitting there, and getting pain relief I told the acupuncturist that if they would just walk barefoot in their gardens for the same amount of time they would get the same results as they would in her office.

“I also gave a sheet to one of my company directors, a man who suffers with multiple sclerosis. He was also a skeptic. I asked him about it a couple of weeks later and he shrugged it off, saying he gave the sheet to his daughter who has some aches and pains. He said he felt he was too far gone to get any help. A week later, he said his daughter had given it back to him and he decided to try it anyway. He had slept with it for three or four nights. Much of his pain was gone. He was walking better. His legs didn’t collapse as often. He still has MS, but his symptoms are greatly reduced. He walks without as much pain and is much more comfortable.

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