The Head to Toe Connection:Earthing’s Systemic Impact

Earthing generates top-to-bottom effects throughout the body They are often felt dramatically and rapidly, and other times subtly and gradually. in this chap l you l find a sampling of related by doctors and patients, illustrating the broad and significant potential of Earthing to improve health.

Many people who ground themselves become “Earthing ambassadors’eager to share the news with friends and family. One long-time enthusiast is Jim Healy, a leading pioneer in the research, development, and distribution of cutting-edge monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutic technologies used by doctors and hospitals. Years ago, he participated in designing the first 911 paramedic rescue vehicles and helicopters. He is chairman of Lead-Lok Corp, an international medical products company headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho. Here is his Earthing story.

I have been in the medical instrumentation field for a half-century. In the late 1960s, I started a company specializing in the inspection and upgrading of electrical equipment in hospitals to ensure that the equipment was properly grounded,If not, disturbances or spikes in the electrical current might create a life-threatening shock in a patient connected to a piece of equipment. It was all about grounding the equipment to prevent potential shock. Nobody ever thought that directly grounding a patient could be beneficial.

When I first heard about Earthing, it made real sense to somebody like me. Clint Ober demonstrated the concept by putting a grounded electrode patch on my leg. The leg was chronically achy. Within twenty minutes, it fell much better. I then started sleeping grounded. I noticed quickly that I slept better, and all the aches and pains that come with aging improved as well.

“I then began to think of how I could help people close to me. One person I thought of was a friend’s daughter with multiple sclerosis. The results she got from sleeping grounded were unbelievable. She told me she was now able to get up in the morning without her usual aches and pains.

“Some time afterward she came over to see me. She had been on vacation for a month. She said she hadn’t taken her grounded sheet with her and was still feeling great, saying, as good or better than before when l was sleeping on it.’Now, back at home and sleeping on the grounded sheet again, she wasn’t feeling any difference. She wasn’t sure the sheet was working anymore.

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