Like any new idea with the potential to affect health, Earthing needs to be thoroughly studied, tested objectively, and the findings published. I repeatedly submitted our zeta-potential study to mainstream cardiology journals and received not the slightest interest. It is always disappointing to me when conventional medicine rejects new ideas that don’t fit into the existing paradigm. Ultimately, if doctors are not exposed to new ideas and opinions, it is the patients who lose out.

Earthing is too good, too natural, and too profound to be ignored.

For sure, in this age of off-the-chart medical costs and skyrocketing chronic disease, medical systems and the doctors working in them need as much help and relief as possible to give patients the most effective and cost-effective care. Earthing offers such a solution and hopefully the medical community will embrace it as more science is produced. It is perhaps the most natural prescription we can recommend to any patient- -a perfectly natural adjunct to any clinical strategy.

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