As a metabolic cardiologist keenly interested in optimizing the energy production of the heart and body, Earthing appears to offer yet another significant benefit as a simple, safe, and effective energy booster.

For years, I have recommended nutritional supplements such as coenzyme Qi (CoQ1o), L-carnitine, D-ribose, and magnesium to elevate the bioenergetics of nutrient-starved heart cells and protect them from the ravages of aging, environmental toxins, stress, and relentless oxidation. I have written books and articles about these supplements I refer to as “the awesome foursome.” They provide critical raw materials typically deficient in patients. This nutritional approach has worked remarkably and consistently well in helping to restore the failing pumping capacity of sick hearts.

Now, Earthing provides another primary source for cellular restoration and cardiac rehabilitation. One likely venue for such bioelectrical boosting: I believe, is the mitochondria of our trillions of cells. The mitochondria are like microscopic power plants. There can be thousands of them in each cell, depending on how much energy the cell has to provide (heart and kidney cells contain the most). Inside the mitochondria, a complex process goes on nonstop. Electrons are passed along, like a football, through an assembly line of enzymes that create a substance called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the basic fuel that powers cells to function and repair themselves. By infusing the body with electrons, grounding may ensure an ample supply to mitochondria and may thus contribute to the production of ATP in all cells.

It’s taken me most of my cardiology career to learn that the heart is all about ATP, and that effective healing treatment of any form of cardiovascular disease requires the restoration of the heart’s ATP production. I’ve come to realize that sick hearts leak out and lose vital ATP. Cardiac conditions such as angina, heart failure, silent ischemia, and diastolic dysfunction can all cause an ATP deficit.

Another aspect of cellular energy production is that the electrons transported through the assembly line are of a higher energy type, more like a

“hot potato” than a football, and that this energy is transferred to ATP.

Scientists say these energized electrons are in an “excited state.” The electrons provided by the Earth may be of that type electrons brimming with higher energy. The Earth may thus provide us not only more electrons but supercharged electrons at that!


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