Paul Dunn, Clinton, New York, retired broadcast executive

Paul Dunn, Clinton, New York, retired broadcast executive: “I’ve b in overall excellent health and even walk eighteen holes of golf daily in summer. But since about 2005, I’ve had a-fib. For a while each epis would last three or four hours and go away after resting. I experienced skipped beats and felt very tired and sometimes weak.

“Then, the episodes became more frequent, and around 2008 my cardiologist prescribed different medications, including, initially, Coumadin, but later never blood thinner. Whether or not they lengthened the time between episodes I have no idea, but they certainly were not very effective. By 2012, I was developing episodes every couple of weeks that would last two to three days. I never knew what triggered them. I have little stress in my life. My doctor was considering a cardiac ablation, a procedure that can correct heart rhythm problems.

“In late 2012, my wife read about Earthing. I was totally skeptical, but in the interest of marital harmony agreed to try it. In mid-December, I was feeling so lousy that she had to drive me to a luncheon meeting. On December 14, I was clearly having an episode. That same night we slept on an Earthing sheet for the first time.

“The next day I was fine. I attributed it to the episode being over. As always, once the heart began beating regularly, usually in the low to mid-60s, I felt fine and could walk rapidly and climb stairs.

“In the twelve months since, I have not had a single episode! This was also confirmed by my cardiologist’s technician, who has read my EKGs that are constantly recorded by an implanted device. My doctor has been bemused, but I’ve told him the sheet is either a wonderful placebo or it really works and I’m not stopping its use.”

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