Less pain, Better Mobility, More Energy

E J, Wison, M.B, ChiB, FRACGE, Peregian Beach, Australia, general pactitioner : My appreciation of Earthing  comes from analyzaing the reason for my own, and my wife’s health and vitality. Before coming to Australia, we spent much time grounded either in the sea or through walking barefoot and gardening in New Zealand and England. The Queensland climate in Australia offered far more opportunity to get more of it.

*Our levels of energy increased. Our robust immune systems meant a lot less bouts of infection and, specifically my wife, who coped with a severely arthritic ankle joint from a fracture dislocation sustained while sting in 1986, reported much reduced levels of inflammation, stiffness, swelling, and pain. Initially, I attributed our new found levels of health to more fresh sea air, seawater cleansing swims/surfs, sunlight, and healthier eating. But there was more to it. It was the Earth’s influence as well.

“I advised arthritic and chronic pain patients to get as much outside barefoot time as possible. When they did, they reported fewer symptoms and improved mobility and energy with less reliance on drugs for these symptoms. The responses seemed much better in the summer months when climatic warmth encouraged more outdoor barefoot time.

“Recently I discovered the research behind the ‘Earthing process. Particularly fascinating to me as a doctor is the theory of the Earths influence on

inflammation. This inspired me to be Earthed as much as possible, both outside and inside. By stumbling across this ancient wisdom and new research, I have at my disposal a simple application at little or no cost to recommend to patients as part of their journey to optimal wellness, thereby reducing their reliance on pharmaceuticals and costly alternative therapies.

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