The Cardiovaascular Connection Steve Sinatra’s Perspective

During decades in cardiology practice I have witnessed remark able advances that give doctors ever-greater ability to improve and save the lives of patients. However, I regard the most impressive break through of all as something about as low-tech as you can get–the simple proposition of reconnecting to the Earth.To be sure, Earthing research is in its bare infancy, but I’ve seen enough to know beyond doubt that our own planet offers us something massively protective, preventive, and therapeutic. Moreover, it is something easily“harnessed”by people everywhere. Nothing else I know can produce the same magnitude of systemic effects that includes reduced inflammation,improved blood electrodynamics, and a stabilization of the nervous system’s influence on the heart. These are clearly major across-the-board ben-efits for common cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure, coronary artery disease,arrhythmias, and diabetes.

In addition to my own observations, I can also draw some assurance knowing that countless barefoot and much-closer-to-Nature generations before us were pretty much free of cardiovascular disease. Today, it ranks as the No. 1 disease killer in the Western world and is rising fast in the developing world where it was previously uncommon.What follows is a roundup of information that has me so excited about Earthing’s cardiovascular impact and potential.

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