Enter Eathing procession

In 2008, I invited colleagues to my home in Connecticut to participate in an unusual experiment. There were twelve of us. We were clinical physicians, Ph.D.s working in the medical field, nurses, artists, a personal trainer, an attorney, and Clint Ober.

The experiment involved taking a drop of blood before and after forty minutes of grounding via EKG patches connected to the Earth, and then examining the unstained blood under a dark field microscope.These microscopes, used by many doctors, particularly in the field of alternative med-icine, divert light through the optical system so that details appear light against a dark background. The technique allows viewing of “live time cellular dynamics and conditions of blood not normally analyzed through routine tests.

The pictures shocked us. All the before-grounding samples, except one,revealed various degrees of red “ketchupy” blood. See Figure 11-1 on the opposite page. The sole exception, the sample with the best blood of any-one present, was Clint Ober’s someone who has been consistently Earthing himself day and night for years!

The after-grounding pictures showed dramatic changes. There were considerably fewer formations of red blood cells associated with clumping and clotting. The blood appeared more thinned out. From a cardiology standpoint, if you can thin typical ketchup-like blood of heart patients and people with diabetes in the direction of the consistency of wine, a sour simple experiment suggested, you remove a colossal risk factor.

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