The Earth As A Natural Blood Thinner

Blood is a complex fluid. It carries a critical cargo of oxygen, nutrients metabolic wastes, and clotting factors. You don’t have to be a doctor to understand the importance of good flowing blood that’s able to pas through thousands of miles of tiny blood vessels to service all the nooks and crannies of your body.

Viscosity is a term that refers to the water and solid content of plasma and how well, or not so well, the blood flows through this system. Thick sludgy blood doesn’t move through efficiently to deliver the goods and carry out the wastes. Cells and tissues underperform that are thus under.served. They become more vulnerable to toxicity and inflammation. I have always told my patients I want to see blood like the consistency of flowing wine, not sludgy like ketchup.

Thick blood is inflamed blood, predisposing you to red blood cell aggregation and abnormal clotting. This is the sort of blood that I became increasingly aware of in my patients after many years of medical practice:sludgy, sticky, hypercoagulable blood unable to slip effectively through the circulatory system, and causing the heart to work harder. Medical research is full of studies linking such blood to common cardiovascular ills.

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