a weapon for combating illness

A single dose of walking on a sandy beach or sitting barefoot in your backyard will make you feel good for a while, but the effect won’t last long. It’s another thing if you can pursue such activities on a daily basis.

Similarly, if you sleep grounded one night you will likely sleep better that night and feel more rested in the morning. But if you can routinely sleep grounded you are giving your body a major boost -a rock-solid foundation for maintaining health and a weapon for combating illness.

And beyond that, some people will benefit still more from additional hours of grounding, particularly individuals with chronic inflammatory disorders.

Many people have asked over the years if it is harmful to get “too much” grounding. The question is understandable, but there is no evidence of getting too much. To me, it’s like asking if a tree is getting too much of the Earth that it is rooted to. We are of the Earth and all our ancestors lived around-the-clock connected to the Earth. It’s totally natural and, I think, unnatural and unhealthy not to be connected. Our bodies know exactly what to do with what the Earth provides for us.

When we connect to the Earth, the amount of electrons we absorb and utilize is governed by the amount the body needs to balance its bio-electrical state.

Maximum benefits come when individuals live grounded around the clock or for a good chunk of a twenty-four-hour period. Our modern world, however, has become largely plasticized and insulated, keeping us separated from the Earth’s healing energy. Hopefully, in the near future, we will re-evolve into a grounded society through access to conductive homes, offices, schools, bedding, furniture, and footwear.

Our contemporary fast-paced lifestyle, filled with chronic stress, poor eating choices, and lack of physical activity, has created a sick society.

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