If you have serious health issues

The whole thing goes back to nature and the way our bodies were designed- in a grounded state, pretty much . If you sleep grounded, that’s wonderful. That means, though, that your immune system is still in an ungrounded state for sixteen hours a day. If you can extend your hours of Earthing you stand to benefit even more, particularly if you have serious health issues.

Many individuals have told me about quantum leaps of improvement after extending their grounding hours into their active day. Earthing really has a dose-related effect. The longer you do it, the better.

Dale Teplitz, a health researcher who has worked with me on several of the studies and introduced Earthing to many people, uses a food analogy to help illustrate this point.

“People who eat junk food their entire life are depleted of many essential nutrients,” she says. “Their health suffers as a result. If all of a sudden, they eat one healthy meal, they can’t expect to have lasting benefits. But if they continue to eat healthy, over time the body gradually takes those elements and creates a healthier person. We humans have been disconnected from the Earth for our whole lives. We are depleted of the health-sustaining energy of the Earth. As with eating healthy, the longer we reconnect with the Earth, the more the body responds with improved health.”

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