The longer you ground yourself in your daily life, the more stable, energetic, and robust your body functions and the greater your ability to heal.

Some people describe symptoms disappearing or improving dramatically after just a few nights of sleeping grounded. Others say that symptoms and energy improve gradually, then reach a plateau and stay at that level as long as they continue grounding themselves. Some, after sleeping grounded through the night, will feel better and will have more energy of less pain when they awake but at midday may not feel as good.

As far as this last example is concerned, my experience indicates that the person simply needs to be grounded longer–the more time, the better- during the day.

This point was demonstrated dramatically in the case of one young woman who suffered with lupus, an autoimmune disease. She experienced substantial reduction of her symptoms when sleeping grounded for up to eight hours a night. She wanted to feel even better. So she used grounded floor and desk mats at her computer workstation and was able to often log up to eight hours more of Earthing. Her forearms were in contact with the desk mat as she worked, and she took off her shoes while at her desk.

The additional hours made a big difference. In her case, Earthing during sleep was good, but sixteen hours of Earthing throughout the whole day was super-good.

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