Understanding of The Earthing/Grounding

Dramatic as that sounds, I’ve heard it many times over the years.

It is a common refrain of people being reconnected to the Earth after being disconnected perhaps for a whole lifetime.The degree of gratification I have had seeing people lose their pain and feel better is beyond description. This is what has kept me going every day on an adventure that has been exhausting, challenging, and, at times, quite lonely. My joy has trumped the fatigue and time involved in trying to educate people about Earthing. Again and again.After all these years, it is clear beyond any doubt that Earthing is safe and that many conditions and symptoms respond positively to the natural energy of the Earth. It is also clear to me that this connection with the Earth is the missing link for restoring red-bloodedness, hardiness, and health back into a society where the level of all of those has been plunging in recent years.

People often ask if Earthing will help them with certain health symptoms. Just as you can’t direct healthy food, air, or water to create spe-cific desired results in one function or part of your body, your body takes the natural energy from the Earth and uses it as needed. Often, people tell me of surprising side benefits.

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