The Benefits of Grounding That You Cannot Imagine

I strongly believe also that Earthing is not just to remedy health issues already present but also to assist our bodies in staying healthy.

This is about the most natural form of prevention and antiaging medicine you can find.

Neither I, nor the researchers and doctors I have worked with, have a full understanding of the depth of physiological changes that occur with Earthing.

We are scratching the surface of a great new paradigm that hopefully others, with greater resources, will be inspired to explore.This I do know: Consistently reconnecting with the Earth restores a natural source of energy to your body that has been missing in your life.This missing energy may be the core cause of chronic inflammation and pain in your body, a malfunctioning nervous system, or some unresolved personal health issue. When you reconnect, and stay reconnected, all kinds of wonderful things can happen.

My observations over the years attest to a seemingly boundless potential for Earthing to help prevent and alleviate both common and uncommon health issues.

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