Clint Ober’s Observations

Since 1998, I have been invited into the homes of probably several

thousand people and reconnected them to the Earth. I have grounded

newborns, kids, young adults, midlifers, seniors, and centenarians; and individuals deathly ill for whom the medical system had no more fixes to offer. Some understood what I was doing. Most didn’t. They just understood later that they felt better and had less pain.Earthing produces an amazing grassroots ripple. “Can you please do this for my mother or sister or father or friend?”I’ve heard that many times from people who suffered for years with severe pain. Anyone who goes from pain to less pain or no pain, from fatigue to energy, from lack of mobility to more mobility, wants all their loved ones and friends to feel the same way.“Oh, my God,”they will say. “I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have to change my diet or exercise or take a pill. Just go to sleep.”I remember one case in which I grounded a mother at the request ofher daughter, whom I had previously grounded.

The older woman had suffered from chronic pain in the hips for more than ten years. I placed two grounded electrode patches on her feet. After about twenty minutes or so.she said she had to get up to go to the restroom. So I took the patches off. As she raised herself off the chair, she let out a scream. I got a real scare. I thought something had gone wrong.No,” she said,“my pain is gone.

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