Tree Hugging- Are You Grounded?

We’ve also been asked many times if tree hugging is a form of Earthing. The answer again is maybe.

  • Trees are made of wood, an insulating substance. If you touch the dry bark of a tree, you are likely not grounded. Unless the tree is wet or you touch the sap of the tree, which comes from the ground, hugging a tree will likely not result in a significant transfer of the Earth’s electrons.
  • The soil under a tree is generally more moist than exposed soil, so if you are barefoot, you would likely be quite grounded whether you were in contact with the tree or not.
  • If you hold the leaf of a tree or plant firmly between your fingers, you are grounded. The sap is very close to the surface. But you won’t have the same effect from a dry leaf.
  • If you touch the green stem of a plant, you are grounded.
  • Trees and plants are living, grounded organisms. They resonate with their own frequencies and energy, and they also have their own “umbrella effect” as we describe in Chapter 8 on pages 76-77. This may also account for a calming, positive experience standing under a tree, or touching and hugging it.

Our recommendation: Yes, go hug a tree, touch a stem, or hold a leaf. They are alive and full of energy. Just watch out for the ants!

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