Grounding bring changes

Ron Petruccione, Anaheim, California, businessman: “My daughter Rosanna, now eighteen, was diagnosed with regressive moderate autism when three years old. Her condition presented itself mostly as an expressive and receptive language disorder. She often cannot produce her words fast enough and stumbles or mumbles her speech. I sometimes have to ask her,” what did you say? Slow down!” Or in new situations and social environments where she is experiencing some anxiety, she might mix up her tenses and switch inappropriately from first to third person when speaking about herself or others.

Rosanna has slept on a grounded sheet since early 2008. We also placed a grounded desk pad at her computer, where she spends an hour or two each day, and also have a sheet on the couch where she watches TV. So she has been getting in some extra daily grounding time.

Within about a month after being grounded, I started to see changes. She became calmer. Her speech became more understandable. That alone has been a great improvement and stress reliever for both of us. There was has frustration showing. The anxiety wasn’t there. Occasionally I would have to tell her to slow down, but not nearly as much as before.

*She has slept better and been easier to wake up.

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