Earthing-This is something special

Over the years in school, there has been an aide or teacher’s assistant assigned to monitor her. Within a month or two after Rosanna was grounded, the aide noted in her logbook that my daughter participates note actively in the class. Lunch with the kids seemed more enjoyable for her, and the other kids seemed to be engaging her more.
“This makes me so happy. These are subtle things that can’t be measured or determined by a lab test. Rosanna is now a senior in a mainstream high school! This is a big deal. She has become happier, more confident, with a little higher self-esteem. She has continued to slowly, smoothly, and surely improve, and plus over the last three years has maintained a solid 3.0 grade-point average.
Everyone involved in this disorder knows that autism is a marathon, a sprint. But what happened in just a couple of months and has continued is a miracle for me. Seeing things like this can make you feel like a dark cloud is lifting and can allow me to even think ahead to college. That’s a possibility. I have hope to see her become a productive member of society. And that’s huge, because hope is what keeps driving us parents. It takes off a little of the burden and fuels us at the same time.
“What I really like about this is that it is so very easy to use. In the the autistic community, it’s often very hard to find something effective.
This is not about how many supplements you can get down them or rubbing on some cream. You just put a grounded sheet on a bed, and there are real therapeutic benefits for hardly any cost in the long run. A lot of us parents are really strapped, emotionally, physically, and financially. This is something special.”

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