Grounding-Good for health

“I provided a grounding unite to a ninety-six-year-old friend who had severe.
Osteoarthritis for probably twenty-five years. I didn’t explain a word to her. I just explained it to her son. After a few days, I called to see how she was doing. He said his mother, a well-known folk medicine healer in San Diego for decades, told him her pain was down more than three-quarters. But what was really amazing was that her passion for life had come back. She had had lost her typical passion for life. This was a vital woman who was still traveling and giving lectures. “Its back,’ her son told me.

“I see many patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a problem that often involves cognitive issue like memory, concentration, focus, and brain fog. One such patient was a sixty-five-year-old woman. She also had hypertension for a very long time. I told her to get grounded. On day thirty-one after she started, she e-mailed me to say that not only was her energy much improved but that her cognition had also suddenly returned.

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