Improving the Life of a Doctor and His Patients

David Gersten, M.D., Encinitas, California, practitioner of nutritional medicine and integrative psychiatry: “A few years ago, I developed what I called a cause and effect’ health map that plots out why people get sick with chronic illness and stay sick. I narrowed it down to a simple three step process. In all chronic illness. You have primary causes (level one), Which include genetics, infections, toxins, digestive problems, mal absorption, and d mental, emotional, and stress factors. Level two involves reaction to these primary causes, namely through inflammation and the stress response. Level three relate to total body disturbances of biochemistry, or what I call metabolic chaos. Over time, it has become clear to me that earthing has a profound healing effect on level two.

I’ve been grounded for about seven years, and now its completely integrated into my practice. I see people all the time who come to a doctor like me as a last resort. The first feedback I usually hear after a patient starts Earthing is an email the following morning that says, I just had the best sleep in many years.

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