Earthing improves the way the body functions in so many ways and it may, as a result, influence the requirement for medication. Many people have told me they have been able to reduce their dosage. l advised them, as I do anyone, that if you are involved in any medical treatment program it is best to inform your doctor about grounding. It is highly unlikely that he or she will have any knowledge of Earthing. This is all so relatively new.

If this is your situation you may want to show them this book. In any case, be alert to any symptoms that might reflect a medication overdose. Earthing doesn’t interfere with medication. But your doctor may need to adjust the level you are taking. When undergoing routine medial testing, be alert to possible and surprising improvements in your results. Be sure your doctor addressees any changes that occur. Some results may indicate improved functioning and suggest lowering a dosage or even eliminating a medication.

For more information on Earthing and medication, see Appendix C.

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