Luckily, nature intervened

“Luckily, nature intervened. A friend told me about Earthing. I was willing to try most anything, so I started sleeping grounded. To my great surprise, I started feeling better, had more energy, and my thinking became clearer. Several weeks later, I had my regular appointment with the rheumatologist. I told him, It’s really strange but I’m starting to feel like my oldself again.’He told me this was the first time in the five years he knew me that my blood work was normal. None of the hallmark factors for lupus were present, including the antinuclear antibody results that had been positive for ten years!

“Six months after I started grounding, I was taking my good health and energy for granted. I was walking my dogs twice a day, taking tai chi classes, studying photography, and participating in two weekly strength-training classes to prevent osteoporosis. Unfortunately, the years of steroids had seriously weakened my bones. But every night I was sleeping grounded and only wishing I had started sooner.

“In April 2011, my blood levels still showed no antinuclear antibodies or other markers of inflammation! A few weeks later, however, I felt returning symptoms, including achy joints and knuckles, and inflamed blood vessels. I was sleeping grounded routinely, so 1 started Earthing as much as possible during the day. I used a mat under my forearms that grounded me during hours of writing and then used a grounded wristband while reading or watching television. I was grounded almost 24/7.thin days I was feeling better and with less pain. After three weeks,I was much, much better. My energy and vitality levels returned to even above what they were before my wobble/relapse’ An elevated red rash from inflamed blood vessels had also disappeared.A mutual friend perhaps put it best when he said: Katie is doing so well she is shell-shocked with wellness!’ I had also lost twenty-five pounds in a year. My long-term dosage of steroids had caused weight gain and that situation gradually reversed itself after I discontinued the drugs.When routine blood and urine tests in early 2013 suggested my lupus might be staging a comeback, I was puzzled. I checked my Earthing connections and found that the ground rod I was using had somehow disappeared over the winter. I fixed that fast. After eight weeks of intense 24l7grounding, my lab results returned to normal. My energy has remained robust ever since, and I have added square dancing to my slate of activities.“I will be forever grateful to Earthing for restoring my health and vitality. I don’t consider myself to be cured. But I do consider myself to be in remission. I’ve been given a second chance at life.”

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