Silver Fiber Fabric Grounding Mat


78% SILVER + 22% Nylon

size: 18″X36″

Surface conductivity:<5ohm/inch



Quality Standard Chinese Textile Industry Standard (FZ) Function Anti-static, radiation protection, antibacterial

78% SILVER + 22% Nylon

size: 18″X36″

Surface conductivity:<5ohm/inch


The special effect of silver fiber Ion silver fiber is made of pure silver, silver is a natural element formed in nature, completely free from the toxic side effects of general chemical products, which are the most safe and benign substances in mammals , The hospital commonly used acupuncture needle acupuncture treatment (no need to worry about detrimental to health). Ion silver fiber has four effects: anti-electromagnetic radiation, antibacterial deodorant, eliminate static electricity and promote blood circulation (maintain good health), regulate body temperature (warm in winter and cool in summer). Need to be noted that, after many times ionic silver fabric shielding effectiveness does not diminish after washing, which is not comparable to any other radiation protection fabrics, metal fiber blended radiation protection fabric washed several times after the attenuation of the shielding effect is very good, metallization Fabric can not be washed

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Silver Fiber Fabric Mat + 15ft Cord

25X12X5 cm


American(without adapter), UK, Europe, Australia


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