Earthing Black Coil cord


Product & Safety Care

Your new earthing black coil aord for conductive bed sheet yoga mat mouse pad use.

we have two clor and different size fot you choose;like black,white,15ft,20ft are all available.

For the conductive bed sheet use:everyone has the experience of being plagued by static electricity in life,

which affects people’s life, sleep, spirit, and health.  The Earth Bed Sheets can release static electricity in 0.1 second.Improve the quality of sleep,

the body and the spirit of Natural Cure.

For the healthy yoga mat use:Put the yoga mat on the ground. Button side of the wire connect with the mat,

Then Plug side of the wire connect with the ground wire,it can eliminate static electricity.

For the mouse pad use;antistatic,grounding and Radiation protection




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