A new Healing Frontier

If anything, I felt like a door to a new healing frontier had been pulled open by the most unlikely of individuals. Over my decades of practicing medicine, I had heard countless inspiring talks from the greatest and most honored medical express. Doctors, Scientists, Professors, Nobel Prize winners. Clint Ober was none of those. He said he was “just” a cable TV guy who had made a discovery he felt count help alleviate suffering. I was impressed by his integrity and intensions. He was somebody with a mission. I felt he was on to something very important and fundamental, with great potential not just a bare beginning of scientific evidence to back up his observations. Nevertheless, as a cardiologist, it made a lot of sense to me. In addition, my intuition was telling me this was big and exciting and on the mark.

For years, I had been doing a lot of research and writing about antioxidants. In my cardiac practice, I had found that antioxidant nutritional supplements, such as CoQ10, gave a clinically significant healing boost to my patients. I was curious as to whether there was an antioxidant and inflammation connection to Clint’s discovery.

Just a year or so before, Harvard researchers had published strong evidence to show that chronic inflammation was a leading cause of arterial disease that chokes off blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the heart and brain, resulting in heart attacks and stroke.

So inflammation and antioxidants ware on my mind when I het Clint. I asked him about inflammation. Could grounding reduce inflammation? If it did, grounding might represent a new weapon against heart disease, the No. 1 disease killer in America, and many other common conditions linked to inflammation.

I didn’t know the answer. Clint didn’t know.

I asked if he could find out.

He said he could. And he did, pretty much on his own at first, and later with the help of a terrific biophysicist, James Oshman.

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