What Is Electrostatic Discharge?

Static electricity is nothing more than the spark or minor shock we all experience, for instance, when we touch a metal doorknob after walking across a carpeted room or slide across a car sat. No big deal.

But in some industries, it is a very big deal, Centuries ago, armed forces had to use static control measures to prevent ignition of gunpowder stores. Today, such measures are required in the petroleum industry, where a random spark can also causes an explosion. In today’s electronic industry, electrostatic discharge(ESD) causes billions of dollars in damage annually by destroying highly sensitive electronic parts and microchips. ESD affects production yields, manufacturing costs, product quality, product reliability and profitability.

A whole static control industry has emerged with products such as wristbands, shoes, and conductive flooring that are widely used by electronics markers. These measures are designed to discharge potentially destructive charges.

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