Growing orders is inevitable,Antiaging strategies are not about live to 1000r 120,but about growing older gracefully and with energy.The goal is to prevent and minimize illness to develop physical and mental potential in the pursuit of satisfaction and aliveness.Can Earthing help the process?We sure think so!

Arvord Belden,PH,D,Yountville, California, retired Clinical psychologist:“I’ve been sleeping grounded pretty regularly for more than dozen years.Within a year,I realized that I wasn’t going to doctors like I used to do. My hands and hip hurt me less from arthritis. also noticed that my mind seemed to be clearer, and I had more energy and stamina.

“After a year, I had a checkup with my doctor, and he was amazed at my excellent health given my age.

“Now after all these years of continued Earthing, I can’t say I’ve reversed the aging process. I still have the arthritis, but I don’t need to take any medication for it. In fact, I don’t take a single medication for anything.feel darn good for somebody in his nineties. My energy is good.

“I used to do a lot of yard work, including tree pruning, and I had my share of cuts, scrapes, and even falls. A few years ago, I was out on my recumbent three-wheeler bike and I took a fall. I banged myself up but didn’t break anything, and I healed up nice and quick. Same thing with the yard work.

“My sleep improved after I started this. If I wake up at night, it seems like after a minute or so, I am back sleeping again.

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