Prime Example: My Bookkeeper’s Mother

1n early, 2010, the then eighty-one -year -old diabetic mother of my bookkeeper, Jodie Mitchell, was having a terrible time. The woman,a retired school-bus driver, suffered with painful,, throbbing legs that disturbed her sleep multiple times every night. She would arise exhausted and have to nap during the day. She frequently developed horrible sores on her legs that would take considerable time to heal, a common problem among diabetic patients, and the likely result of poor circulation.


She had developed a quarter sized sore on her calf that did not respond to topical medicines. I suggested Earthing. Three weeks into sleeping grounded, the throbbing pain was almost gone. Jodie told me her mother was sleeping through the night, perhaps getting up once to relieve herself but no longer from pain. Her energy level had soared and the open sore was no longer open.It was covered with a new growth of pink skin and was healing. In 2013, Jodie’s mother’s energy is still great! She has experienced no sores since. She stays grounded and has minimal leg pain.


In Plate 5 on page 85, you can see graphic pictures of how Earthing improves the circulation and leg sore challenge faced by people like Jodi’s mother and other diabetics.

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