Aiding Glucose Control

Among other things, poorly regulated glucose causes diminished elasticity of red cells and an increased tendency to aggregate. The result: thicker blood, poorer blood flow.

A growing awareness exists about the blood viscosity-cardiovascular disease connection, but the link between elevated viscosity and diabetes is largely overlooked even though it has been reported in more than fifty peer-reviewed scientific publications. Blood viscosity can be improved

by eating less sugar, stepping up ones physical activity, and treating gum disease, a factor that promotes systemic inflammation, as measured by increased C-reactive protein (an inflammation marker) and fibrinogen, a sticky, fibrous coagulant in the blood that raises the risk of stroke.

Earthing helps control blood glucose. We have seen that effect in an unpublished yearlong laboratory study showing a small but significant reduction in the glucose level of grounded rodents compared to non-grounded animals. Two other biochemical markers, triglycerides and alkaline phosphatase, were also lowered, suggesting less risk of diseases linked to the metabolic syndrome, such as hypertension and diabetes.

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