How we understand the connection of the nervous system and heart

Grounding research by Polish cardiologist Karol Sokal and neurosurgeon Pawel Sokal suggests that the Earth’s energy likely plays a basic role in enabling the nervous system to adapt to the demands of the organism and the environment. As a cardiologist, I have repeatedly treated the human wreckage that stress-acute or chronic sympathetic overdrive can exact.I have applied the best tools that both conventional and alternative medicine offers. Reconnecting the body to the Earth provides perhaps the most natural tool available anywhere.

Our study provided additional evidence demonstrating Earthing’s potential to balance the nervous system, reduce the stress response, and support cardiovascular health. Such effects go beyond basic relaxation and may explain in part the repeated feedback from people experiencing lower blood pressure and improved arrhythmias after they start Earthing.If there is a trend toward improved HRV in forty minutes, what will sleeping grounded routinely for six or eight hours do?

Here are several outstanding examples reported to me:

  • After ten weeks, a seventy-three-year-old woman reported that her blood pressure went down by 10 points and she slept much better.
  • A husband’s snoring stopped and he slept better. The wife’s blood pres-sure went down from 150/90 to 120/80 mm Hg after one night!
  • One woman experiencing distressing skipped or extra heartbeats said that sleeping grounded eliminated them. Not only that, her husband’s atrial fibrillation episodes stopped. He had been taking Coumadin, apopular blood thinner, for his condition and, in conjunction with his doctor, was able to reduce dosage.

Our study suggests that Earthing should be considered as a significant natural, cost-effective, and noninvasive intervention that positively impacts the ANS.

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