Relief from Peripheral Artery Disease Pain

Peripheral artery disease is a condition involving reduced blood low to the extremities. It occurs in 5 percent of adults older than fifty and in 20 percent above seventy. Among the common symptoms is pain in the legs.

H.M. Kearney, Ph.D. Webster, New York, retired historian: “1 began sleeping grounded in 2010, virtually at the same time i was diagnosed with peripheral artery disease. My most immediate experiences were deeper sleep, fewer times getting up at night, marked improvement in overall energy and much less discomfort on the treadmill.

“After several months, I was able for the first time in years to drive the 720mile round trip to visit family without acute pain in my left leg, the more constricted extremity, and without discomfort in my right leg. Prior to Earthing. l had never completed the six-plus-hour journey each way pain-free. I was amazed!“Equally amazing, as I enter my fourth year of Earthing, is that these positive results have continued, Recent assessment of my condition indicated as light decline but much less than my physician or l would have expected. Am I delighted? Absolutely! Traveling? Never leave home without my Earthing sheet.”

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