There’s no guarantee you will have an overnight healing like some of the people in the stories you will soon read about. It may take a while. You won’t know until you do it–and stay with it. But I’ll tell you

this: I have seen plenty of people near death make comeback that surprised their doctors. Or who experienced a better quality of life before they passed away. people who stay grounded just don’t get sick-or as sick as they might normally do.  They heal and their energy comes back faster.

People who ground themselves usually say they feel better within an hour, in many cases twenty minutes, whether they are walking or siting barefoot, or are connected to the earth through a  conductive sheet, mat, or electrode patch.  The research shows instant changes in physiology and significant improvements in the body’s electrical activity inside a half hour or forty minutes.

I have seen some people with tension headaches have rapid relief, within five minutes. Others, such as someone with a chronic condition like arthritis, may take a half hour or so to notice some level of pain relief. Bur relief of pain and symptoms, in varying degrees and depending on what condition is involved, is a common response. The speed at which this occurs also varies from person to person. Relief can be significant, subtle, rapid, gradual, total, or partial.

I have found that lasting changes in stress, sleep, pain, and body rhythms occur when people stay connected to the Earth for longer periods of time on a continual basis. Nighttime sleep, when the body is most receptive to healing, appears to be an ideal time for Earthing. What better time for a natural healing when it occurs effortlessly while you sleep?

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