Living Longer and Better

Living Longer and Better


The dominant theory of aging-the concept of free-radical oxidative damage to the body was first proposed by Denham Harman, M.D., of the University of Nebraska in 1956.

The idea here is that aging results from the cumulative damage to the body produced by free radicals. These molecules can damage DNA, leading to mutations and disease.

They are formed by metabolic processes in mitochondria, the “power plants” inside cells, and can gradually harm mitochondrial functioning and energy production throughout the body.

They cause cross-linking of proteins, chem-ical   reactions that interfere with normal enzyme activity. This is what causes skin to wrinkle for example.

There is no way to prevent the for-mation of free radicals, because every breath we take and every morsel of food we eat feeds the natural mitochondrial production of energy and free radicals as a byproduct. Because of the constant threat of free radicals, we are encouraged to eat foods rich in antioxidants.


The living matrix, as one of its main biological functions, is set up to protect tissues from free-radical damage. It represents a natural, built-in antioxidant defense system.

The matrix is all-pervasive, reaching into every corner of thr body.If your matrix function properly, and if you are connected to the Earth,and free redical formed anywhere in your body will be neutralized by mobile electrons from the Earth.

This idea alone should motivate anyone to connect with the Earth as much as possible,day and night.

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