The Original Anti-Inflammatory

In this chapter, we will describe the healing connection between the Earth and physical inflammation. You’ll get an idea how this connection has unlimited potential to reinfuse health and defuse pain among disconnected societies where there is increasing sickness despite all the money poured into medical research and treatments.

But before we get back to the earth and how it snuffs out inflammation, let’s first look at what inflammation is.

Your immune system protects you against pathogens and facilitates the rebuilding of tissue at sites of injury or surgery. When a problem develops someplace, your body does the equivalent of calling 911. The alarm sounds. White blood cells and other specialized cells rush to the site-the first responders. The white blood cells constantly cruise throughout the tissues of your body, like police patrol cars, ever on the alert for viruses, bacteria, or other alien microorganisms, as well as damaged cells release a shower of powerful free radicals that aid in the destruction of invading microorganisms and damaged tissue.

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